About Us


Becoming doctor is dream of many students, but all can not get Acedemic eligibility to pursue MBBS in India. In this situation, is there any way for student to fulfill his / her dream? Yes, Come to CMC, we have the solution. With thousands of admissions in Foreign Medical Universities, CMC is one of the leading Foreign Education Consultants for Medical Studies. At CMC, we provide 100% services right from application to food and accomodation throughout your course duration. This is the reason why CMC is the most popular Foreign Medical Education Consltancy among Indian students. We shall give you access to quality education by providing you with information packages on courses, fee structures, funding assistance, eligibity requirements and student visas. We will help you make an informed decision and provide step by step guidance through the application process once you have decided on your career choice.

CMC’s qualified and dedicated staff consult you with ample time, makes all points clear and solve all your quarries regarding every factor of student life which may come during entire course duration. We provide required information in prospectous / DVD also enabling you to have very near look to university and other details. CMC thus, is your one and final step solution to open world of Foreign Medical Education. Come to us and fulfill your dream to become a doctor!

About our Founder Dr. Jogadia

Dr. Jogadia, well known doctor and educationest, having more than 35 years experience in medical profession having credential to cure thousands of patients successfully, operating his own hospital in Bhavnagar having prestige in Gujarat’s Medical practitioner society and many other associations.

Dr. Jogadia is engaged with Foreign Medical Education consultancy since last 10 consiquative years and have provided consultancy to thousands of students and parents for Foreign Medical Education. Dr. Jogadia has vast experience of this field and he personally visits each and every university to make arrangements as well take care of sutdents. Dr. Jogadia, personally keeps record of each student and do the needful for his / her academic excellence time to time because, he has personally taken up mission to make students dream come true to persue Medicine studies. Dr. Jogadia has very special filling about medical profession in India as he wants to feed Indian Medical Industry with quality doctors and at the other hand, he wants our eligible students to persue medical professional for excellent carrier throughout their lives. Thus he serves both medical profession and society as to function his social responsibility.

Dr. Jogadia’s name is so popular as Print and visual media has taken special note of his contribution to this profession and the society and today, Dr. Jogadia is frequently being invited as Field expert for expert openien in talk shows and interviews by Seminar organizers, TV channels, FM Channels and Print Media.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to spread our wings in every corner of India and grab elegible and needy students to persue Medical Education abroad. This is how we want to provide quality doctors to entire medical Indstry in India.
  • Our Vission

    We visualise Indian medical profession enrich with sensible, humble and quality doctors and feed the gap of medical practitioners to population ratio – which is ultimate embission of our founder Dr. Jogadia.